Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wine Clubiversary!

Greetings Boston Wine Clubbers! Katie here to bring you an update from our 1 year anniversary meeting at Lindsay's. We didn't quite have a quorum, but we did have a visitor from London and had a great time sipping bubbly.

Here's a nice group shot.

Here are the wines we drank. We liked most of them, particularly the two in the back with similar labels, and of course the real champagne with the blue label that several GnG women chipped in for.

I brought the desserty red one. A bit too sweet; I'd been hoping to bring the sparkling shiraz they always used to have at Best Cellars. Oh well.

Oh, and don't forget: Brad still sucks.

PS - the recipe for that guy is here, and it's fabulous. Laura, add information as you see fit.

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Jennifurla said...

I see a bottle of cupcake in there, one of my fav's that is cheap and I can get straight from my grocery store.