Thursday, August 26, 2010

Boston Wine Week

I just heard about this awesome event going on Sept. 20-26th..... Boston Wine Week!  According to the website:
"The first annual Boston Wine Week kicks off a week-long celebration of handcrafted wines by winemakers and growers from around the world, served by the glass or bottle at some of Boston’s top restaurants. Proving that great wine doesn’t have to be a great expense, all wines (some of which retail up to $90/bottle) will be offered at $9/glass and $32/bottle.  Participating restaurants will offer a minimum of six wines, available at a substantial discount."
How cool does that sound???

Here's a list of some of the participating restaurants:

c'mon, you know you want to.....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blind Taste Test

This month we did a "Blind Taste Test" where we all brought wine and Lindsay organized them, put them in paper bags, and assigned each wine a letter, A-G.  We each tried a few sips then rated them on appearance and taste, then tried to guess what the major flavor notes and aromas were.  Ultimately, we attempted to guess the wine.  This was much easier earlier in the night when our palates were fresh, but still, it was a great exercise.

Our scoring sheet, created by Lindsay

The Whites:

Most of the girls guessed the Sauvignon Blancs (Chateau Ste. Michelle & Harbor Town), and I'd like to believe it's because of our "Sexy Sauv's"-themed wine club meeting back in March.

The Riesling and Chardonnay were slightly trickier, but a couple girls were able to pick them out as well.

The Reds:

The reds were much more difficult for people to pick out, but I was pleasantly surprised that at least 3 girls guess the 2005 Campo Viejo Tempranillo correctly. Hilariously, I brought the Concannon Petite Sirah, which I've drank many many times before (see here), yet, I got this one wrong!  Too funny.

The Food:

Lindsay, Master of Ceremonies

Once the coals were nice and hot Lindsay cooked up some delicious veggie kabobs with goodies from her own garden, along with some jerk-marinated chicken.  We also had some delicious bread and dipping oil, a variety of cheeses (Gouda, Gorgonzola, Chevre, and Brie), and some tasty deviled eggs.  To finish things off, Katie made an awesome vegan chocolate pie.

I had a great time this month and I think we all learned a lot!  I'd like to try and do more focused blind tastes tests throughout the year, as I'm sure they will improve our palates and force us to really think about the flavors and aromas that we sometimes take for granted.

Good job Girls!  Next month.... Rose' tasting maybe?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Great Article on Wine Accessories

Ten @ 10: Wine stuff you don't need. Really.

Posted by Bill Daley Wine1

"A jug of wine, a loaf of bread – and thou," that old Persian poet Omar Khayyam had the right idea. You don't need a lot of fussing and fidgeting to throw a memorable party, whether for 200 or 2.
Wine drinkers out there could be forgiven for not knowing this considering the wide assortment of the oenological paraphernalia on the market. All promise to make you a better host, a more savvy connoisseur. Some of these devices and gadgets are handy and can make entertaining easier. But you can get along without them – even a corkscrew.

The Stew staff joined me in thinking up all the wine "thingies" aspiring hosts can live without. Really, you can.

1. Wine bucket. You can chill bottles in a large pitcher or vase, even a wok piled high with ice (the wok works particularly well with those fat bottles of sparkling wine).

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