Monday, January 4, 2010

Katie's Wines

The infamous boytoy was in town this week, and we enjoyed a couple of tasty tempranillos. The 2007 Ercavoio Tempranillo Roble is on the left, and the LaGranja 2006 is on the right, as you can clearly see. I recommend both -- the left one is available at the Wine Press on Beacon Street in Brookline, and you can pick up the other one at Trader Joe's, plus it has a twist cap, woo. I got it before the big snowstorm when I walked to Cambridge for some groceries, so it's definitely at that TJ's, but probably at the other ones, too.

Cheers and Happy Twenty-Ten, Boston oenophiles!

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jason said...

I'm a fan of the La Granja as well. I ranked it #9 in my latest Trader Joe's Top 10 Wine List. Have any other TJ's faves to share?