Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Domaine St Peyre Syrah Rose

I keep hearing more and more about the return of the Rose'.  I hear it is the best summertime wine, and I should not compare it to other "pink" wines.  So, at my last trip to the Wine Press, I decided to pick up a bottle.

Saint-Peyre Syrah Rose (France) - good price, tart, not sweet at all, slight nose of strawberry jam and a great finish.  For my first Rose in as long as I can remember, this one was a fantastic starter.  It was a great beat-the-heat wine and with every sip I enjoyed it more and more.  Had this with dinner the other night and it was a great complement to my Gingered Risotto and Scallops.

I might be a convert....

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Jennifurla said...

I love a Rose, for some reason I had something against pink wines for the longest time. I thought of them as imposters for some reason, now I love them and they are a great drink