Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm feeling so Fuso...

Last night for dinner I made some angel hair pasta with puttenesca sauce.... straight up whore pasta!  Yeah baby!  With it, Boyfriend and I drank a 2008 FUSO Barbera from Colli Tortonesi Vineyard.  I picked this one because I like that Barbera's aren't "big reds" but hold up well to the acid in tomato sauces.   

Daily drinking wine in Italy is called sfuso, which is usually reserved for the locals (or, sadly, sold off to co-ops and mixed with all kinds of inferior wine; sort of like the Italian version of $2-chuck).

The back label does a good job explaining the sfuso / fuso pun :

"Fuso: play on words for an authentic daily drinker: from the Italian sfuso, which is the everyday drinking wine, and the Italian word fuso, which is used to describe a person feeling “out of it,” or, “out of sorts.”"

This wine was vinified in steel and had a classic fruity-ness (cranberry / raspberry). It was pretty delicious and I thought it paired nicely with dinner.  Interestingly, once dinner was over.... my next glass seemed less tasty.  Ahhhh, maybe I'm finally discovering the secret to good pairings!

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