Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Terrifing-ly Tasty Start to Halloween

Kate, original Tucson Arizona G&G member, was in Boston for our Halloween-themed wine club. SO EXCITING!!! G&G goes cross-country!


zombie punch a'la Jaimie
Lots o' wine (I'm a bad person because I can't remember ANY of them... oops!)

We really did the creepy food theme right. We had a scary goblin-head cheese platter, black-bean hummus with fun olive spiders, and arancini (ok, ok, I brought the arancini... not scary at all... totally lame, I know....)

We paired our wines with some spicy horseradish cheddar and herbed goat cheese (along with the goblin-head cheese!)

I apologize for not remembering more of the wines of the evening, I blame it on the fact that Kate and I enjoyed some (many) pre-wine club drinks at The Savant Project.

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