Thursday, September 3, 2009

New G&G Chapter!

Well, I just heard the news, our newest G&G chapter is getting ready to begin.


Here's what Liz told me about her group, "Just wanted to let you all know that a new chapter of G&G will be starting in just a few weeks. We are so excited! It looks like about 7-10 interns from my intern class are interested, a great starter group I think. Anan is here for a visiting rotation, so we will present the wine together and I will host our first get together. Our theme will be "Napa Favorites", mostly because I am not more creative, but also since Anan will be going to Napa this weekend to do some serious tastings."

We now have G&G groups in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ; Boston, MA; and San Fran, CA. I've heard wind of a possible group starting up in Philadelphia, PA, too!

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