Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Cry For Me Argentina

This month we tasted different varietals from all over Argentina. Argentina is the largest wine producer in South America and is the 5th largest wine producer in the world. Also, due to its high altitude and low humidity, there are less bugs, fungi and mold - which means that in generial, there are less pesticides in Argentinian wines. Sweet!


We started the night with a Crios Rose of Malbec, a fragrant blush wine with notes of cherry and wild strawberry. This wine paired very nicely with stinky cheese and chevre. Next up was an aromatic white wine, the Amichas Torrantes. This is a very typical Argentinian white wine that also paired nicely with chevre. Our final white wine was a Catena Chardonnay from Mendoza.

We started the reds with a Pinot Noir from the Rio Negro region. This was followed by the most popular Argentinian wine, Malbec! Our Malbec was rich, dark, juicy and had a good plum nose. We ended the night with a spicy Clos de los Siete red blend that had similar characteristics to a French Bordeaux or Claret.


Katie made some delicious vegetable samosas with 3 different chutneys, whose spice really paired well with these wines. Lindsay made some vegetable enchiladas, and we had the obligatory tasty cheeses and fruit. I'm drawing a blank on the other dishes... oops! A NY cheesecake rounded out a delicious Argentinian night.

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